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Roller Roulette’s monetization

As some of you have noticed, Roller’s latest 1.6.1 update brings ads with it. This seemingly goes against our main goal due to the nature of our independent products so far. In this post we will explain in detail what led to this decision.

Why did we chose to monetize our app

After almost two years in the market, Roller remained as one of the biggest free apps in the Google Play Store with no ads in it. This is a remarkable goal, but the year 2020 has been very harsh to us all, and it has definitely affected Braven Bit Software.

We decided it would be best if we placed ads in Roller in order for us to continue our work, as well as help other groups and organizations in need at the moment. That being said, all of the profits will be used to develop new products, maintain the current ones, and as donation for charity. This does not mean our other products will be monetized.

How the ads do not affect your experience

We have put as much thought as possible into the placement of the ads and they will not be affecting your experience at all. A banner ad will be displayed on an “unused” part of the screen, located at the bottom. Whenever you open a menu, the banner ad will be hidden in order to not cause conflict or accidental clicks.

Another interstitial ad will sometimes be shown but only when you have no risk of accidentally clicking it as well, and it’s occurence is a rare sight. We have decided to not add any video ads for now as we are well aware of users’ opinion regarding them.

If you have any feedback please do let us know in the comment section below or use our contact form!

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