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Roller Roulette 1.7.2 update

Sunday is here and that means update time! The 1.7.2 update is here with amazing content! And themes!🤩 Check it out:

New themes!

We’ve added the new Themes tab to the customization menu! That’s right! You can now change the style of the spinner and the indicator to match your mini-games!

For this update we are adding the food and drink themes. The food theme is a pizza, while the drink theme is a beer! Check out this example:

Bug Fixing

We’ve fixed a few bugs that were so hard to find you probably didn’t even know they existed! But hey, we care about you and it would be terrible news to hear someone couldn’t have fun because of a pesky bug!

More neat new content!

This update is just the introduction to themes! We are going to add so many new ones and more options in the future, that you are gonna be lost thinking what to choose!

Take our word for it! In the next few updates we will be focusing not only on adding more customization such as custom backgrounds, but they will also come with more themes!

Excited with the update? Don’t forget to share this blog post! You can check more about the app here or download it on the Play Store!

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