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Phone Chainsaw 1.1.4 update

Sunday is here and that means update time! The 1.1.4 update is here with amazing content! 🤩 Check it out:

Improved performance!

This update is going to start out amazingly well with the much better performance that comes with it!

We have carefully reduced the polygon count of the chainsaw without any noticeable loss in quality, and the code footprint has been reduced as well! This makes for a much better performing app that consumes less battery and runs smoother!

New button animations!

We have added transition animations for turning vibration and smoke ON / OFF! These will play every time you press one of the respective buttons.

Reduced size!

Due to the performance improvements we have managed to significantly reduce the app’s total size meaning it is now more lightweight than it has ever been! Not that it ever had a big size in the first place 😂

Excited with the update? Don’t forget to share this blog post! You can check more about the app here or download it on the Play Store!

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