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Generate unlimited unique safe passwords in a second!

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SecuroGen – Password generator is a FREE app designed to let you create unlimited, unique and safe passwords in a second! Using it’s simple and user friendly interface, you will be able to fully customize your passwords in a way you’ve never seen before! No more shall you fear having your accounts stolen, for your passwords will never be compromised!

• No annoying ads, no data collection, 100% FREE! 🚫🎞️
• Incredible password length of up to 99 characters! 📏
• Generate unlimited passwords! ♾️
• Simple UI that will allow you to edit everything in seconds! ✍️
• Outstanding amount of options. Includes everything! 🔐
• Well built and optimized, runs smoothly in any device! 📱 ❤️

Examples of passwords to generate:

• Six digit PIN codes!
• Social media account passwords!
• Unique encrypted keys!
• Device passwords of any kind!
• Lock combinations!

Wanna try it out? Download now on the Google Play Store! And check more of our apps here.

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