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Phone Chainsaw

Transform your phone into an (almost) real chainsaw! chainsaw sfx intensifies

phone chainsaw icon

Introducing our FREE immersive app that transforms your phone into a fearful, (almost) real chainsaw!

Just tap it to turn the engine on, then move your phone to activate it! Includes realistic graphics, special effects and sound effects, to truly increase immersion!


• No annoying ads, no data collection, 100% FREE! 🚫🎞️
• Switchable chainsaw colors! 🌈
• Vibration and smoke effects! 📳💨
• Realistic sounds and gameplay! 🔊
• Beautiful graphics! ✔️
• Well built and optimized, runs smoothly in any device! 📱 ❤️

Wanna try it out? Download now on the Google Play Store! And check more of our apps here.