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Below is a list of all the publicly available products we have released so far. Neat!
Side note: This list does not include any products we have developed for third parties.


Roller Roulette

roller roulette icon

Want to decide something? Roller Roulette lets destiny choose for you! An engaging app designed to let you have fun with all your friends and family!

Using it’s simple and user friendly interface, you will be able to fully customize the roulette in just a few seconds, and make your own mini-games! It’s super fun!

Last Night

last night zombie defense icon

A mysterious virus has taken over the world. As one of the few survivors left, you must adapt to your new situation and survive the apocalypse!

You start off with nothing but your pistol. Survive the hordes at night, and scavenge for survivors and equipment during the day. Don’t forget to repair your barrier!

Pocket Targets

pocket targets icon

Our first ever game, Pocket Targets is an immersive target practice shooter with a western theme!

Test your accuracy, agility and reflexes and prove you are the best sharpshooter in the west! Unlock new guns! Compete with friends! All of that and much more!

Phone Chainsaw

phone chainsaw icon

An immersive app that transforms your phone into a fearful, (almost) real chainsaw!

Just tap it to turn the engine on, then move your device to activate it! With realistic graphics, special and sound effects, this app simulates a chainsaw inside your own device like no other.


securogen icon

A lightweight app designed to let you create unlimited, unique and safe passwords in a second!

Say goodbye to the fear of having your accounts stolen due to weak passwords, or having to think of new ones to use. SecuroGen can generate any kind of password in a second, and also indicates how safe it is!