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Monthly Bits #013 – Last Night is here!

Welcome to the Monthly Bits #013! How about that? We have some very exciting news for you in this edition, so stay tuned!

What happened since last month’s edition?

Ever since Monthly Bits #12 we have been hard at work making sure Last Night Zombie Defense would be released on schedule in a presentable state. Not the usual mess you see being released nowadays.

Being our biggest project so far, we have faced many challenges while working on Last Night. Mainly gameplay and optimization. There was so much to do we barely had any time to work on anything else, but we still did! Check it out!

Last Night – Zombie Defense

Last week, February 4th, featured one of the best zombie game releases the world has ever seen. And then there was also Dying Light 2 coming out the same day I guess. Say hello to Last Night!

Last Night Zombie Defense icon

Survive Endless Nights!

Scavenge for equipment and survivors during the day, fight for your life during the night!

Explore a Vast World!

Our game features an impressive 6.25 km2 wide map with many unique areas to explore.

Play Strategically!

You won’t get far in this game by mindlessly firing at zombies. You must decide between spending time scavenging or looking for survivors.

Beware the Horde!

The Horde has many different types of special zombies, so watch out! You don’t wanna get caught by surprise!

Excited for Last Night?

Then download it now for Android on the Play Store and get ready to survive a zombie apocalypse! And don’t forget to stay tuned for new updates coming out frequently!

Roller Roulette

It has been over 3 years since we first released Roller Roulette, and we sure have learned a lot off it. However, we feel like Roller has reached a state where there just isn’t much more exciting content to add to it.

roller roulette icon

New Update Schedule

Because of the lack of new content to add, and increased work due to new releases like Last Night, we will now be releasing monthly updates instead of our previous schedule of two per month.

This allows us to have enough time to make incredible updates for each of our products without rushing one or the other. This applies to all of our products from now on.

New Content

Since the last edition of Monthly Bits, we have released an update containing various fixes for the Persian language, and code optimizations.

However, this is not the end! Roller roulette will continue receiving updates on the regular. We just mean that there isn’t anything really that big to add as there was before. We are pretty comfortable with the current look of the app altogether.

Future updates will most likely involve adding new Themes and support for even more languages. Did you know that we already officially support 16 languages?

Excited with the latest updates? Download Roller Roulette for Android right now on Google Play!

Phone Chainsaw

Our little app Phone Chainsaw has always been overshadowed by Roller Roulette, but recently it has decided it’s gonna switch places!

Phone chainsaw icon

Much higher downloads

Due to our latest updates and our amazing community, Phone Chainsaw has recently had a steep increase of over 200% in daily downloads! We expect it to reach 100.000 downloads by the end of the year, and 500.000 soon after that 😉

New Screenshots

This week we have prepared and sent a new batch of screenshots for the app to Google. Expect it to be out by tomorrow, but you can already have a glance right here!

Excited with the latest updates? Download Phone Chainsaw for Android right now on Google Play!


As we mentioned before, 2022 will be our biggest year yet, full of amazing new products and updates! So get yourself ready, because we’re just getting started!

Excited with Monthly Bits #013? Don’t forget to share this blog post! We’ll see you in the next edition! ☺️

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