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Monthly Bits #012 – An epic new year!

Welcome to the Monthly Bits #012! How about that? We have some very exciting news for you in this edition, so stay tuned!

What happened to last month’s edition?

Glad you asked. Last month was so busy we couldn’t even write a new edition, so we’re just skipping a number and going with Monthly Bits #012, just like any other Tech company does nowadays. I’m looking at you Microsoft’s non existing Windows 9!

Christmas and New Year’s aside, we have been taking our time crafting amazing new updates for all of our products, as well as a new game altogether. That’s right, and we’re going to leak it here in this article because why not?

So please accept our deepest apologies for not being able to write last month’s edition. And actually being so late this month’s that it ended up being postponed to 2022. Happy New Year, by the way! 😜

Roller Roulette

We are glad to announce that since our latest article, we have had MAJOR new content updates for Roller Roulette!
Although most of them work on the background, it really does help improve the game overall. More details below.

roller roulette icon

New Theme Selection!

Previously, you were able to individually choose the themes of the Indicator (Red triangle on top of the wheel) and Spinner (White circle with green arrows at the center of it) as well as the background’s. This has been changed in the latest updates.

The reason we changed that is because most of the time people chose the same theme for both the Indicator and the Spinner, meaning they just spent more time doing it than they had to. Additionally because there were two sub-menus you could interact with, they had to be small in size making it hard to work with.

Now that’s not to say they weren’t user friendly, but they were a hurdle, so we fixed that. Now it is just one menu displaying the Indicator’s icon, and whenever you select a theme it applies to both it and the Spinner.

roller roulette spin

More Theme choices, and better sorting!

You will also notice we have reorganized the themes, so they are now in categories. You’ll see all seasonal themes, then all food themes, then all drink themes, and finally misc themes.

Finally, we are adding even more themes because you guys just love them so much! Starting with the Candy theme, which is already included in the app and looks awesome!

Roller's candy theme cookie

Much better performance!

By far the biggest changes so far, which ironically will be the least noticeable ones, are the performance improvements we have made.

We have managed to make the process of generating slices, which happens quite often, much faster than before. Additionally, physics calculations have been cut in half. Overall performance has been improved by a ton.

The only problem with that is, as we mentioned above, it’s not very noticeable. That’s because contrary to most other developers out there (Ahem Grove Street Games), we care about how well our products perform and we want them to run on as many devices as possible, and well at that.


The latest updates are just a taste of what’s to come this year for Roller Roulette. Now that the app is running better than ever before, we can focus on adding more and more content! So stay tuned, because unlike Netflix’s Witcher Season 2, our newest content will not be a complete waste of time. Just kidding the latest season wasn’t that bad. Maybe.

Excited with the latest updates? Then what are you waiting for? Download Roller Roulette for Android right now on Google Play!

Phone Chainsaw

We didn’t forget about Phone Chainsaw either! It has had three neat updates of it’s own. So let’s talk a bit about them shall we?

Phone chainsaw icon

Improved performance and app size

The latest updates involved tweaking the chainsaw’s mesh in order to reduce it’s size and improve rendering performance. Yes, our app uses a 3D model not just sprites which is common with competitors.

So while the app is now smaller and performs better, you won’t even notice a thing in the appearance of the model. That’s because we took great care while working on it 😉

New animation

Last but not least we have introduced a new animation for when you change the chainsaw’s color! At first, we made a smooth animation in the button, but the chainsaw would still just instantly change it’s color when the button was pressed.

Currently, it will smoothly blend between the old and new color, making for a much more natural transition than before. It’s a nice little detail that really adds to the experience.

Excited with the latest updates? Then what are you waiting for? Download Phone Chainsaw for Android right now on Google Play!

Last Night: Zombie Defense

We are also working on a completely new game! Last Night is a First Person Survival Horror mobile game that’s here to change it all! Not only is it our first truly 3D project, but also the biggest yet. This game is gonna be amazing!

last night: zombie defense actual footage (In development)

What is it about?

In this game you play as one of the few survivors remaining in a zombie infested city, after a viral outbreak. Starting out with just a pistol in hand, your one and only goal is to kill the hungry horde before it catches up to you!

After surviving each night, you will have 12 hours to repair your barrier and scavenge for supplies and other survivors looking to form a group.

This game isn’t just about who shoots faster and more accurately. It’s about strategy too. You only have a limited amount of time each night to look around town, and absolutely everything has a luck factor behind it, just like real life.

So get your shotgun and invite your best friends over, because it’s about to get real! After you are done playing through the Main Storyline, see who survives the longest in Endless mode!

This game is still a work in progress but we are positive it will be out early this year, so stay tuned because you don’t wanna miss the opportunity to play in the early days and get a special unique reward! 😮


We hope that this article shows you how we’ve been hard at work in the last two months and why we didn’t have enough time to talk about it here in the Website.

The truth is, last year took a serious toll on us all. It was just really bad and honestly we couldn’t wait for it to end. But this is all in the past now. We from Braven Bit Software wish you a happy new year full of joy! Thank you so much for being with us and joining our amazing community, it really means a lot! See you next month with a lot of neat new content to show!

Excited with Monthly Bits #012? Don’t forget to share this blog post! We’ll see you in the next edition! ☺️

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