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Monthly Bits #007 is here! New games and new content!

Welcome to the Monthly Bits #007! How about that? We have some very exciting news for you in this edition, so stay tuned!

This article is a bit late due to us being so busy this month, so sorry about that! We made lots of progress though, and as such we would like to share it with you, as well as show you what we will be working on in the next months!

What makes this month truly special is that we have laid the foundations for what’s coming next this year. The updates we have released to our products, as well as the changes we have made in general to the studio, have opened ways for us to expand much more than before. But without delay, let’s get right into Monthly Bits #007!

Pocket Targets

Last week we released our latest game, pocket targets! You can download it here, it’s available for Android on the Google Play Store.

Pocket targets is a Western themed target practice game in which you have to prove your skills and become the legend of the west! Can you do it?

pocket targets icon

Featuring a variety of game modes and unlockable items, accompanied by great graphics and soundtrack, pocket targets has proved itself to be a success in the community, as everyone that’s played so far has absolutely loved it!

We have even been mentioned in an article about some amazing games to try out in 2021! We thank GamesKeys for that, and look forward to showing up in more articles in the future! 😉

Roller Roulette 1.8.9 update

The latest update for Roller is here with amazing new content! You can dowload it here. Take a look at what we have introduced in the latest update:

roller new update monthly bits

The 1.8.9 update comes with an improvement in graphics featuring a completely new design for the default indicator (The triangle at the top of the roulette), fixes for a bug introduced in the last update, and quality of life features!

First we added a new highlighting system for the colors in the slice editing menu. Now whenever you select a color, it will be outlined in a green tone. No more problems telling which color you have currently selected.

Last but not least, we completely remade how the app shows you at which slice the roulette stopped. Previously, when that happened, a text would appear at the bottom of the roulette with the name of the slice the roulette stopped at, or the name of the color if you didn’t write a name.

Now a banner will show up in a cool animation, with a bigger, more centered text displaying the name of the slice, and the background being the same color as the slice too. After about three seconds the banner will disappear in another nice animation.

Progress in our dungeon crawler

As you all know we have been working on a 2D, retro looking dungeon crawler game for mobile and PC lately. But we didn’t give out much details because it was (And still is) in it’s early stages of development.

But worry not, we have been making progress in it, and expect it to be released this year still. The reason it’s taking a while is because this game is significantly more complex than everything we’ve did so far, and it requires a great deal of effort and care.

You may be excited to play it, but we ask you to have patience, and stay up to date with news of it’s development. Lately some companies have been releasing unfinished games full of missing features and bugs, and we are not like that.

We will release the game only when it’s ready, and in perfect state. That way you can have tons of fun and look forward for new content updates in the future instead of bug fixes and other patches.

Phone Chainsaw 1.2.0 update

phone chainsaw icon

Thought we had given up on phone chainsaw didn’t you? Well we have an awesome new update coming up next Sunday which will feature a completely new vibration system!

The new vibration system accurately reflects the sounds produced by the chainsaw. This makes the game much more immersive and fun!

You can download phone chainsaw here. It is available for Android on the Google Play Store.

Excited with Monthly Bits #007? Don’t forget to share this blog post! We’ll see you in the next edition!

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