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Monthly Bits #006 is here! New year, new Braven Bit!

Welcome to the Monthly Bits #006! How about that? We have some very exciting news for you in this edition, so stay tuned!

As this is our first Monthly Bits article since December of last year (2020), get ready for a somewhat lengthy article. First things first though, what happened with the January edition?

Remember how in the last article we mentioned we had many great things planned for 2021? Well, we truly had a lot planned, and unfortunately we were so excited to carry out these new plans that we ended up not even having enough time to write last month’s article! So let’s get to it shall we?

Brand new logo!

First, we have made a new logo for the year of 2021 which we believe truly represents us. Check it out:

monthly bits #006, new logo

There is more to this logo than the eyes can tell at first. The logo is composed of two crescent moon shapes coupled with an “s” shape, blending together into a “B”. Take a second look. Do you see it now?

But why, you ask? Well those three shapes combine stand for our acronym “BBS”. As for the design itself, we went for a crescent moon because unlike others, Braven Bit Software is always treading on new grounds, always in search of improvement! We hope you like it.

Roller Roulette – Complete redesign

One thing that had been bothering us for some time was that Roller Roulette’s design, though good, wasn’t quite what we wanted. But making a new user interface from the ground up is hard, and we didn’t want to have any complaints that the new design is inferior, so we took our time to make something fresh.

The 1.8.4 update is the result of months of effort and thorough testing, in order to present to you a completely new face of our app, which not only looks much better, but feels better too overall.

If you are already a user, expect your app to be up to date in a few days. If not, you check Roller’s page on the Play Store, where you will be able to download it. It’s free!

With the new look, there is no longer anything in the way preventing us from adding exciting new themes so you can tailor the roulette even further to your liking! So stay tuned!

Phone Chainsaw – Rainbow update

We know this app hasn’t had an update for a while, but fear not, we haven’t abandoned it or anything of the likes. Rather, we think the app has reached it’s maximum potential, so there isn’t much reason to further update it besides the usual tidying up. But we had one last card up our sleeve, the Rainbow update.

Amongst performance improvements and a reduction in size, this update brings the option for you to change the chainsaw’s color at anytime you like simply by pressing a button! 10 colors are offered, meaning you can now transform your phone not just into an (almost) real chainsaw, but it can be in your favorite color too! Nice!

Dark mode for the website

A subtle but definitely great new feature we have also since added to our website is the theme mode button!

You can now switch the website’s theme between Light and Dark anytime by pressing the button on the bottom right of your screen that has a moon icon.

We know a lot of you wanted to see this feature implemented as soon as possible, so here it is!

Bandwidth upgrade

As for the prowd owners who have contracted us to develop amazing bots for them, we also have some exciting news!

Last Saturday we got a bandwidth upgrade which will bring an unprecedented amount of speed to our bots, and we also added some new security features, meaning our service will be even faster, and even safer.

Excited with Monthly Bits #006? Don’t forget to share this blog post! We’ll see you next in the edition!

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