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Monthly Bits #005 is here! So many new things!

Welcome to the Monthly Bits #005! How about that? We have some very exciting news for you in this edition, so stay tuned!

Christmas season is here, and with it, Braven Bit Software brings many news! We know, we are late by 11 days this time, but we had valid reason! Not even half this month’s days have passed, and it’s already been our busiest of the year!

This edition is not only gonna keep you updated, but also give you some insight on our future plans. Kinda like a roadmap. So let’s get started, shall we?

Roller Roulette – Polishing

We know we promised more theme variety as well as new themes for the app, but we thought we’d spend some time polishing it first. In the latest update, released moments ago, we did tons of bug fixing.

With the app now rid of all bugs found in previous versions, we can now focus on adding the content you’ve been waiting for! But that’s not all, we didn’t just fix bugs!

If you check Roller’s page on the Play Store, you will notice the app’s name and descriptions are much better now. That’s because we hired native translators to properly capture the meaning of our words and display them in their native language.

Because let’s be honest here. Nobody likes messy translations you can barely understand, right? We will gradually hire more translators to do the same on all the other languages we offer. Except for English and Portuguese of course, which are already covered by our native employees.

New Website Language Button

Speaking of language and translation, we have heard your complains about our website not being exactly great to read using our current translation system, and we want to apologize.

We won’t explain here why it’s in this state in detail because it’d take too much time and frankly, it’d be boring. But essentially, we do not handle this system, and it’s hard to find suitable replacements.

But worry not, we have contacted a company who’s gonna help us out with this and hopefully offer a much better translation system so you can read our website in any language you’d like.

Bravenaut emojis!

You might remember our latest mascot, the astronaut “Bravenaut”! Yes we know, his name is a pun. But it’s funny isn’t it?

Well if you like him, then you will love our soon to come emoji pack that’s based on him! Neat! They will be Bravenaut portrayals of the classic 😎😂 emojis as well as many more!

So if you’d like to check them out, don’t forget to join our Discord server!

Other plans for 2021

Now onto the stuff that probably won’t be coming so soon, but rather in the beginning of next year, 2021.

First things first, we will be having a brand new logo (Gottem) which will be based on color harmony and theory overall, ala Roller Roulette. Though don’t expect it so soon because it’s still just a concept we are exploring.

We are also working hard on our new RPG project for Android and a closed test has proved that people really like it, so we know it’s going so far! It’s definitely our most ambitious project yet, so naturally it will take a good few months until we are ready to show it to the public, but stay tuned to our Discord server and Facebook page for some small revelations here and there!

Excited with Monthly Bits #005? Don’t forget to share this blog post! We’ll see you next in the edition!

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