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Monthly Bits #002 is here! Major updates and mascots!

Welcome to the Monthly Bits #002! How about that? We have some very exciting news for you in this edition, and we also plan on updating it throughout the month, so stay tuned for more!

For the month of September we have a lot of new stuff coming up! Including major updates to all of our products, a neat new mascot, and possibly even a testing phase for our latest product, Minilifters Battle!

Major product updates

We are very excited to announce that next Sunday the 6th we will be releasing the 1.7.0 update for Roller Roulette! The update contains fresh new icons, higher quality textures, and performance improvements!

As for Phone Chainsaw, we are trying our best to push the 1.1.6 update as fast as possible. It will feature higher resolution textures without compromising the app’s size!

Last but not least, we will be updating SecuroGen to conform with the latest Android API changes as well as improve the generation algorithm.

Minilifters Battle

We are taking our time to release the game because we don’t want to compromise the quality of the final product, but it’s safe to assume that we will be rolling out a closed alpha soon! If you are interested, just hit us up with an e-mail and you might just get an invitation! All you need to do is mention why would you like to test the game and that’s it!

New mascot

Our newest mascot, currently codenamed “Braven Boy”, is already in the works! As previously mentioned in Monthly Bits #001, it’s an astronaut! We thought such a character would be fitting for the team. We don’t have a release date yet, but here’s a sneak peek of the latest sketch!

Monthly Bits #002 mascot

Excited with Monthly Bits #002? Don’t forget to share this blog post! We’ll see you next in the edition!

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