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Braven Bit Software’s 2nd anniversary!

It’s been two whole years since we started off as Software Developers! Can you believe that? So here’s our 2nd anniversary blog post!

It all began in 21st of September 2018. We were about to release our very first app into the Android market via the Google Play Store. The app?

Roller Roulette

roller roulette

That’s right! It started off as a humble decision making app. You had 12 slices, and 12 colors to choose from. That’s it. No custom slice amount, no extra color palettes, no speed changes, no nothing. It was truly a bare bones app. But we did not let you down! We worked hard to come up with new updates every single day, every one full of neat features!

But look at how the app is right now. How much it has evolved. How far it has come. If there is anything like a mirror to us, it’s Roller Roulette. Every time we learned something new, we applied it to Roller. Every time we improved something, we applied it to Roller.

We defined the app, and it defines us.

Continuously improving

Two years passed and we now have a community of over half a million people from every corner of the world. Two years from now hopefully we will have double that.

We go to great lengths in order to provide you with apps of the highest quality. Few are the ones who can match our lightning speed growth, and we couldn’t have done that without you!

For the remaining of 2020 onward, we will be counting with greater resources towards our cause. Expect more and bigger updates, new products, and much more!

2nd anniversary

May this be a date of celebration, and a reminder that Braven Bit Software is just getting started! Happy birthday to us! 🥳🎂

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