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Our community means everything to us. It is why we strive to make the best, to be the best. For you. Thank you for choosing to be part of it!

This page serves the same function as our Policies page, serving as a hub for related pages. In here you will find useful links for many parts of our website. These include our Blog, Polls, and much more!


Our Blog is where we post all about our latest activies and announcements. If you want to know about the latest news from us, it’s there!

We generally post in our Blog before doing so in our Social Media, such as Discord, Facebook, and Reddit. The highlights of it? Our Monthly Bits of course! These are the blog posts where we go into detail about what we have been working on in the past month, and what we plan on working on the next one! So be sure to check those out.


The Polls page is where you want to go when you want to make a difference! From time to time, we make community polls where you can vote on whichever option you like the most, and help us improve our products! That’s right, you get to be a developer too! Amazing!

Once a poll is over, and generally that occurs within a week or two, the poll will be archived and we will post about it in our Blog, as discussed above. Your opinion matters to us, so please vote when possible.