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About us

Learn everything there is to know about us in the most straight forward way!

Started in October of 2018 in Brazil, Braven Bit Software has since proved to be a reputable Software Developer known for our high standards, well meaning and professional behavior.

In an ever increasing market saturated with clones and low quality apps, we have learned how to stay relevant and quickly gain popularity. Even though we are relatively new, we strive to learn everything about the industry in an effort to continue growing and establishing our reputation.

Through our products, we have impacted the Android market in a way that few companies have done so before. Each of them carefully and skillfully crafted with tons of effort and care.

about us

We are proud to say that we are amongst the Top Android Developers, which is no small feat. Our completely organic userbase of over a million people spread across over 150 countries is here to prove it.

We also dedicate some of our time towards developing and sharing Freeware. Not everything in this world should have a price tag in it. Some people can’t pay for products and we don’t want to exclude them.

Learn even more about us by visiting our official developer accounts and seeing some of our work by yourself! We are most active on the Google Play Store.








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