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Welcome to our website!

This website is the home of Braven Bit Software!
In here you can access our community and products, as well as be able to contact us and much more! Have a nice stay.

Who we are

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We started in October of 2018 in Brazil, and have since impacted the Android market and built the reputation of a high standard, well meaning and professional Software Developer. Being one of the Top 5% of all Android developers, our reputation precedes us. We go to great lengths in order to always provide the best products for our customers. Find out more on our about us page.

What we do

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We develop apps of the highest quality and distribute it across the world. In fact, care for our customers, swift support and updates with great content is what marks each and every one of our products. That is what allowed us to grow immensely as an Android Developer. Our userbase of over half a million people from over 150 countries is here to prove it!

Where we are

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At Braven Bit Software we believe that diversifying is key. As such, we work hard to provide you with an ample catalogue of products you can enjoy and identify with.

Be it in the entertainment, security or service sectors, our software is always there to ensure you have the best experience! Check out our Play Store Page.

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